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Practicum at Multiple Sites

Requests to work with up to two field sites concurrently for practicum are subject to approval at the university’s discretion. If you plan to work with more than one site concurrently for practicum, you must include this request as part of your application submission, in compliance with all deadlines and other field experience policies.

You will be required to

  • Provide the rationale for working with multiple sites, if requested.
  • Describe the specific activities that will take place at each site in the Meditrek® application.
  • Receive at least 1 hour of continuous weekly supervision by the Walden-approved site supervisor at each site where direct hours are accrued each week. You do not need to attend both sites every week nor do you need to have supervision at both sites each week, but you must have supervision with at least one site supervisor in any given week.
  • Both Walden-approved site supervisors must complete site visits with your faculty supervisor, as well as both Mid-Quarter and End-of-Quarter Evaluations in Meditrek®.