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Onboarding Requirements

Some field sites require specific screenings and documentation to be completed, such as health screenings and background checks, for you to be approved for field experience (“onboarding requirements”). If these requirements apply to you, you will be notified by the field experience office.

These onboarding requirements vary from state to state; however, they generally include the passing of a background check and drug screening, health requirements, required trainings, professional liability insurance, and any additional onboarding requirements specified by the field site.

If you need to complete onboarding requirements and the Affiliation Agreement specifies that Walden University must verify your information, the onboarding requirements will be approved only if you submit them online through Walden University’s designated provider, CastleBranch. The field experience office will confirm submission of all requirements in CastleBranch before approving your field experience application. Please be aware that you are responsible for all expenses incurred for onboarding requirements. You WILL NOT be permitted to start your field experience until onboarding requirements are complete. If required, onboarding requirements must be completed no less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the term.

Documentation of onboarding requirements will be managed, stored, and tracked by CastleBranch. When required, Walden University will communicate the satisfactory completion of these requirements to field sites.


CastleBranch, Walden’s designated vendor for onboarding requirements, provides a secure platform to complete onboarding requirements. Onboarding requirements include, but are not limited to, the following items: background screenings, drug tests, health requirements, trainings, professional liability insurance, and any additional onboarding requirements specified by the field site. If you must complete onboarding requirements, the operations coordinator will contact you with the necessary information so you can complete the requirements online.

If you are required to complete onboarding requirements in CastleBranch, you must complete ALL requirements listed in the CastleBranch portal to begin your field experience. The field experience application will not be approved until ALL the requirements are complete, and all requirements must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the term.

If you are required to order a background screening, you will be provided with a Disclosure and Authorization form by CastleBranch, which you must sign in advance of obtaining the background check. The Disclosure and Authorization form is required by federal law. Although the Disclosure and Authorization form references an employment check, for these purposes, it also applies to students who are applying for field experience.

If directed to do so, you must complete the onboarding requirements online at Any questions regarding the purchase of a screening package can be answered by CastleBranch at 1-888-723-4263. For questions regarding the field site, onboarding requirements, or field experience applications regarding this process, please contact the SOC-OFE.