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Satisfactory Completion of Practicum

Field experience differs from the other courses you complete in your program in that there are requirements beyond satisfactory completion of coursework assignments. That is, successful completion of the practicum course includes passing both coursework and fieldwork requirements, conpletionof which is tracked in the Meditrek® Grading Checklist. The final grades for the field experience courses are either Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U). A deficiency in any item listed below will result in a U grade for the course. All requirements, including hourly requirements, evaluations, and time logs, must be complete by the end of Week 10; if hourly requirements are not met, then you will need to request an Incomplete (I) grade or a Practicum Extension (see Incomplete (I) Grades and Extensions).

To complete practicum satisfactorily, students must achieve ALL the following requirements:

Coursework Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all coursework assignments with a cumulative score of 80% or above.
  2. All skills demonstrations/recording assignments must be completed satisfactorily and by the due date.

Hourly Requirements

  1. Completion of all hourly requirements for the field experience as shown on the Time Log approved by site and faculty supervisors (only hours approved by both site and faculty supervisors will count toward field experience requirements).
  2. Attendance and active participation in a minimum of one full continuous hour of individual or triadic site supervision with the Walden-approved site supervisor to occur during each week of the quarter (for a minimum of 10 hours total for one quarter of practicum).
  3. Attendance and active participation in all faculty group supervision videoconferences (minimum of 15 hours for each quarter of field experience).

Administrative/Evaluation Requirements

  1. Completion of Mid-Quarter Evaluation by Walden-approved site supervisor prior to the site visit.
  2. Site visit completed by the Walden-approved site supervisor and faculty supervisor in Weeks 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  3. Satisfactory End-of-Quarter Evaluation of Student at a minimum of an intermediate level (rating of 3 or above) and endorsement for progression provided by the Walden-approved site supervisor.
  4. Satisfactory End-of-Quarter Evaluation of Student at a minimum of an intermediate level (rating of 3 or above) and endorsement for progression provided by the faculty supervisor.
  5. Full endorsement with no concerns or reservations regarding your ability to continue with professional practice curriculum provided by the faculty supervisor/course instructor, field experience coordinators, and field experience director, in keeping with Walden’s Student Professional Competence Policy as well as their ethical responsibility as counselor educators to gatekeep.
  6. Adherence to all SOC-OFE policies outlined in the Field Experience Manual, as well as site and university policies, the ACA Code of Ethics, the NBCC Code of Ethics, and all state regulations for counseling professionals.