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Webinars: Overview & Calendar

Webinar Calendar

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Featured Webinar Recording

Practical Skills: Writing Strong Thesis Statements

An essential component of academic writing is a thesis statement, whether you are writing a discussion post or a course paper. Join this session to solidify your knowledge of thesis statements with a focus on practicing creating your own thesis statement.

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Reading Graduate Texts: A Refresher for Master's Students

Does graduate reading sometimes feel like a monumental challenge? In your master's program you're expected not only to read large volumes of dense academic writing, but you are also expected to find key points and critically assess the reading in a short amount of time. In this session, we will discuss key strategies for the effective reading of graduate texts. Through a series of exercises, you will study how to overcome the habits of a passive reader and discover how enjoyable even graduate reading can be.

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Live & Recorded Webinars

Writing Center webinars teach APA guidelines and writing skills for all Walden students, along with webinars specifically for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral capstone students. Webinars offer live writing instruction, as well as an opportunity for students to connect via Q&A and chatting with staff and other Walden students, and each webinar is recorded for later viewing.

Students can attend our 1-hour, free webinars in two ways:

Live: Attend the session with your peers so you can participate in chats, polls, and ask questions. Check the schedule for upcoming webinars.

Recorded: All webinars are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience. Peruse the Recording Archive to find over 50 webinar recordings.

Learn more about attending webinars and watching their recordings on our Technical Information page. If you have questions at any point let us know at