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Skype for Business: Share a poll

Share a poll

You can create and share a poll with the attendees.  You can create the poll ahead of time and share it as needed.  You can have multiple polls in the same meeting.

Settings include:

  • open and close the poll
  • show or hide poll results from attendees
  • clear the poll results
  • save the poll results

Note: It is recommended you create the poll before the meeting.


To create a poll:

  1. Click the share icon (shaped like a monitor).
  2. Click More.


  1. Click on Poll.


  1. The Create a Poll window will open in the meeting space.
  2. Enter the Poll name, Question, and Choices.
  3. Once at least two choices are added, the Create button will be visible.


  1. When you are ready, click the Create button.  This will launch the poll.

If you are building the poll before the meeting, after creating the poll, set the poll actions and stop presenting the poll.

Learn how to launch a prepared poll.

Poll actions

You can control when the poll is open or closed, and who can see the poll results.

To set poll actions:

  1. Launch the poll.
  2. Click the Poll Actions button in the lower left corner.
  3. Check the desired settings.  The Poll Actions list closes after each selection.  Click the button again to make another selection.

Poll actions:

  • poll open or closed
  • results hidden or show to attendees
  • edit the poll
  • clear all votes
  • save the poll results

Save the poll

You can save the poll results as an image OR csv file.

To save the poll results:

  1. After closing the poll, click the Poll Actions button.
  2. Select Save the poll results. This opens a Windows Explorer window.
  3. Save the file to desired location.

Share a prepared poll

You can create a poll ahead of time, then share it during the meeting.


To share a prepared poll:

  1. Click the share icon (shaped like a monitor).
  2. Click Manage Presentable Content.


  1. Find the Poll in the list of Presentable Content.
  2. Click the Present Now button to share the poll.
  3. Set poll download permissions by clicking the Permissions drop-down menu.
  4. Click Close when done.