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Skype for Business: Outlook integration

There are a number of ways that Skype and Outlook work together.  Some of these features are visible in Skype and some are visible in Outlook.

In Skype

  • Status: 

Skype pulls your status from your Outlook calendar. For example, if you have a meeting in Outlook, your Skype status is automatically updated to Meeting. (You can also set your status manually.)

Note: Skype doesn't pull the meeting titles, just that you are in a meeting.  No worry that people will see the titles of the crazy meetings you book with yourself.  Oh.  That's just me then?  I'll just see myself out...

  • Daily meeting calendar:

Skype pulls your meeting calendar from Outlook, making it easy to check your calendar from Skype.  It even includes the meeting link for any Skype meetings.

  • Email:

You can email any of your contacts from Skype.  Right-click the contact and select Send an Email Message from the list. This brings up an Outlook email.

  • Schedule a meeting:

You can also schedule a meeting with your contacts from Skype.  Right-click the contact and select Schedule a Meeting from the list.  This brings up an Outlook Meeting invitation.

  • Contact information:

See any Walden/Walden University employee's availability and contact card by hovering over their face.

In Outlook

  • Status:

You can see people's Skype status in Outlook emails. 


Yellow=away from desk


White=offline (not signed into Skype)


  • Meetings:

You can set Skype as the virtual conferencing platform for a meeting, automatically including a Skype meeting link in the meeting invite.


  • Contact via Skype:

Right-click on any name in Outlook to view their contact card, which includes icons to IM, call, video call, or schedule a meeting through Skype.