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Skype for Business: Update your profile

The Skype for Business profile is pulled from your Office 365 system profile.  The Office 365 system profile is used for all Microsoft products (Outlook contact list, Skype, SharePoint, etc.).

CSS requires a work-appropriate picture in the Office 365 profile.  The picture should clearly show your face.  Having a picture in the profile personalizes both Skype and Outlook, and helps us to remember that there are colleagues and collaborators on the other end of our online communication, and not just soulless automatons

Add or update your picture

You cannot edit or crop your picture in Skype.  Use a program such as Paint, SnagIt, or Photoshop to edit and crop your photo.

Photo recommendations:

  • 480 x 480 is a good size
  • no full or 3/4 body shots; aim for head and shoulders
  • make sure your face is clearly visible
  • keep it business appropriate; more LinkedIn, less Facebook

The picture doesn't have to be fancy.  A cell phone picture is fine.  If nothing else is available, use a program like Webcam Toy to take a picture using your computer's webcam.


To update your Skype picture:

  1. Click on your picture (or the greyed-out picture placeholder) in Skype.  This opens the Options/My Picture window.
  2. Click the Edit or Remote Picture button.  This will launch Office 365 in a browser.
  3. Log in to Office 365, if prompted.
  4. Click your picture in the Outlook/My Account page (or the greyed out picture placeholder) or click your picture in the upper right corner, and then the Change link..
  5. Click the folder icon

Note: The folder icon may be a different color on your computer.

  1. Navigate to the desired folder on your computer.
  2. When you are happy with the picture, click the Save button.  It may take a moment for the image to show up in Skype or Outlook.

Update your profile

The Contact Card in Skype is also pulled from the information in your Office 365 profile.  However, you cannot edit this information.

If your Contact Card information is incorrect, contact Frontline.