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Skype for Business: Meeting options

Set meeting options

In the meeting options, you can set which attendees:

  • wait in the lobby,
  • have presenter status,
  • limit attendee participation in chat, audio, and video, and
  • control how attendees interact with the meeting content (options available in the meeting room only).

You can modify the meeting options at any time.


Set meeting options in Outlook:

Note: You cannot set options on how attendees interact with content in Outlook.  These settings are in the meeting room only.

Click the Meeting Options button in the Meeting invite.


Note: There are additional meeting options for the meeting content in the meeting room. 


Set meeting options within the meeting:

  1. Go into the meeting room by clicking the Join the Meeting link in the meeting invite.
  2. Click the three dots in the lower right corner.
  3. Click Skype Meeting Options.


You can have meeting attendees wait in a lobby rather than joining the meeting room automatically.

You must manually add people to the meeting from the lobby.

You cannot customize the look of the lobby.


What the lobby looks like to attendees:


Add someone waiting in the lobby:


To select which attendees wait in the meeting lobby and who can join the meeting immediately.

In Outlook:


In the meeting room:


Presenters can:

  • allow people in from the lobby
  • start a sharing session
  • upload an attachment
  • mute individual people
  • mute everybody in the meeting
  • promote someone to presenter, or demote them to attendee
  • turn off chat for everybody in the meeting
  • block attendees from sharing video
  • eject someone from the meeting


In Outlook:

Click the Choose presenters button to select individuals from the attendee list.


In the meeting room:


To manually select presenters in the meeting room, click the Participant icon in the upper left corner of the meeting space and drag attendee names to the Presenter section.

Limit attendee participation

You can limit how attendees interact with each other and the presenters by disabling chat, muting them, or blocking their webcams.

To limit participation:
In Outlook:


In the meeting room:

  1. Click the Participant icon in the upper left corner of the meeting space.
  2. Click the Participant Actions button in the lower right corner of the Participant area.


  1. Click the appropriate icon to limit desired actions.


  1. See the confirmation message in the main meeting space.