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Skype for Business: Share desktop

Skype has a number of screen sharing options.  You can share:

  • your desktop
  • a specific program
  • a PowerPoint presentation

Share desktop

You can share your computer desktop and everything on it.  Any program you open while sharing your desktop will be seen by everyone in the meeting.  This also includes notifications for emails or IMs.  Be aware of what you have open and what may pop up if sharing your desktop.  Also make sure your computer background is work appropriate.

To share your desktop:

  1. Start a chat, phone call, or video call.
  2. Click the share icon (shaped like a monitor).
  3. Select Present Desktop.


  1. If you are using multiple monitors, Skype will ask which monitor you'd like to share.  You will see a yellow border around the selected desktop.
  2. Double-click the desired desktop.
  3. Look for the Currently presenting toolbar on the shared desktop.

See attendee view

If the attendee view doesn't show by default in your meeting space, unhide the stage.

To hide/unhide the stage:

  1. Click the share icon (shaped like a monitor).
  2. Select Show Stage.


  1. You can now see the attendee view.