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Skype for Business: Chat

The most frequently used feature in Skype is the Instant Messaging/Chat feature.  The best part about chat is the emoticons.
Seriously.  Check them out.


Important information!

By default, a copy of your chat is saved to Outlook.  There is a record of your chats.  You should consider Skype chat the same as sending an e-mail. Don't say something via Skype chat you wouldn't say in an e-mail.

Remember that your chats, like everything else you do on your laptop, are Walden University property.  Walden University has the right to monitor and record everything you do on your company computer.  Work accordingly.

Chat archives are not saved on the Walden University servers. The only copies of the chats are in the individual Outlook accounts.


Start a chat

Starting a chat with someone is easy, once you have found them.

Learn how to find people in Skype.


To chat with someone:

  • double-click a contact to launch a chat window,
  • or right-click the contact and select Send an IM,
  • or hover over someone's picture and click the Instant Message icon.




Group chat

You can chat with multiple people at once.

  1. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and select everyone you want in the chat.
  2. Right-click.
  3. Select Send an IM.


  1. Start a chat with one person.
  2. Click the Invite More People icon in the upper right. 
  3. Select contacts to add or use the search box to find anyone in Walden.

Chat features

Skype for Business uses the same window interface for chat, phone calls, and video calls.  You can easily move back and forth between these features.

You can also share your screen or a program within the chat window.

You need to be the presenter to share your desktop or program.