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Skype for Business: The basics

Skype for Business is the communication platform used throughout Walden University and Walden University. Walden is transitioning from Yahoo IM to Skype; you may run into some people still using Yahoo as a platform.

CSS is moving to Skype as the primary communication platform beginning in October 2015.

Skype for Business includes:

  • instant chat
  • phone and video conferencing
  • virtual conferencing (up to 250 participants)

Phone integration is available through the Intercall conference phone system. Contact Frontline to get an Intercall number (after first getting approval from your manager).


There are additional training materials on the Office 365 Collaboration site and on the Microsoft Skype for Business site, including more videos and details on additional features.  These resources are well worth checking out.

Introduction to Skype video

Watch the Office of Academic Support Skype for Business training webinar.  (27 minutes)

It ends rather abruptly.  Sorry about that...

Log in to Skype

You can find Skype for Business under Microsoft Office 2013 in your Windows 7/All Programs list.

Skype Sign-in address: your Walden e-mail address

Password: your network password

Note: When you reset your network password, the Skype user name defaults to <first name.last name>@loe.corp.  You need to change it back to your Walden email address.

To log in:

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Click on Microsoft Office 2013.
  3. Click on Skype for Business 2015.
  4. Enter your Walden e-mail address in the Sign-in address box.
  5. Enter your network password in the Password box.
  6. Check Save my password.
  7. Click Sign In.

Set preferences

There are a number of preferences in Skype.  This covers the basics; feel free to poke around and change other settings as desired.

To access the settings, click on Tools/Options or click the gear icon in the right middle of the page, and then Options.


Suggested Option Settings:

General: leave these as is


  • Uncheck Automatically start the app when I log in to Windows.  Your computer will boot faster.  Don't forget to launch Skype once your computer is up!

Contacts List: Change how much space the contact list takes; set to your personal preferences.

Status: Leave these as is.

My Picture: Change your picture (takes you to Office 365).

Phones: Add your work phone number to display it in your Contact Card.

Ringtones and Sounds: Choose the sound played for IMs and calls, and choose when it plays.

Audio Device: Select microphone and speakers and test them, and set volume for the IM/phone ring.

Video Device: Select and set up the webcam. Click Camera Settings to have lots of fun with exposures!