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Frequently Asked Questions: Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?

Students may drop a course from their schedule through day 7 of the course without transcript notation or financial penalty. Students should either drop the desired course in their portal or send an email to their Student Success Advisor for assistance. Please note: Drop request cannot be taken over the phone – they must be submitted in writing via email in order to be processed. A dropped course may also have an impact on your federal financial aid. (Please refer to the Walden website for more information regarding the potential impact a drop or withdrawal may have on your financial aid.) 

When a student requests to withdraw from a course after the official drop deadline (or after day 7) of a course, a letter of “W” will be notated on the student transcript. W grades do not impact a student’s overall GPA but will remain on the transcript as an attempt was made in the course but the student withdrew prior to the withdrawal deadline.

Withdrawing from class is different from a course drop as this does leave students liable for either all or a portion of the tuition fees (depending on when the withdraw request was initiated). There is a deadline to withdraw from classes, and this deadline will vary along with the length of the course. Once a student knows he or she needs to withdraw from a class, a written request should be submitted via email. No withdrawal requests can be taken over the phone – all registration adjustments must be submitted in writing in order to be processed.
Please note: if a withdrawal or drop request is submitted over the weekend or after Student Success Advising’s office hours, the request will be processed effective the timestamp indicated on the email.

How to Drop a Course

To drop a course you can accese the Menu and select Registration, then select drop class or you can email your request to the advising team. If you are a new student and requesting to withdraw from your couse during the first 7 days, please email your Enrollment Specialist.  

How to Withdraw from a Course

Students are not able to withdraw from courses via their portal. Instead you should email your Student Success Advisor a request to withdraw from a course. Student Success Advising cannot process a withdrawal request over the phone and will always need a request in writing.

If you have questions about the impact a course withdrawal will have on your program or any academic progress notifications you may have received, please schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor.

Financial Aid Implications

Before you drop or withdraw from a course, please contact Financial Aid to find out how doing so will affect your financial aid eligibility.

  • Phone: 1-800-WALDENU [925-3368]