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New Students: New Student Toolkit

What should you know as a new student at Walden?

There are so many things that a student should know in order to be successful in their first course and throughout their program. Becoming familiar with the elements related to your degree program, the support services at Walden, the University’s policies and procedures, and how to best manage your time and tasks will help you be successful in your program.


Know Your Program

Visit this section to learn more about how your program will run and what will be required of you as part of your program.

Know Your Role

The biggest determining factor for your success in your program is you. Student Success Advising and the other support services at Walden are here to guide you through your program through graduation, but there are a few things that only you can determine.

Know Your Support Services

There are many support services available for students at Walden and are included in your tuition. These support services are useful at various points in their program, but it is a good idea to be familiar with them early on so that you know how to reach them when the need arises.

Know Your Technology

From internet speed to required software, having the right technology is vital to your success in a degree program at Walden.