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Undergraduate: Academic Progress

What is Academic Progress?

There are many things that are incorporated within the topic of academic progress. As a Walden student you are to follow guidelines related to the time in which you are allotted to complete your degree, the minimum grades required in individual courses, and the overall average of grades you’ve earned, among other things.


Required GPA

Walden undergraduate students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA. Learn more about what this means and how you can calculate your own GPA by visiting this section.

Failing or Unsatisfactory Grades

There may be a time when a student earns a failing (F) or unsatisfactory (U) grade. You can learn more about what this means for your program and your next steps to come into compliance by visiting this page.

Academic Progress Recommendations

  Recommendations and resources for students to use to regain academic compliance.

Time to Degree Completion

Just as there are minimum estimates on the length of your degree program, there are policies in place outlining the maximum length of time in which Walden students have to complete their degree programs. Learn more about these policies and how to stay on track to complete your degree.