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Frequently Asked Questions: Registration Policies


Students in self-register programs are able to register for courses two months before a term start. If you should need assistance with the registration process, it is recommended you schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor; you can schedule an appointment with Student Success Advising via the Help tab of your myWalden portal. Registration requests can be taken over the phone or by email to Student Success Advising.  If you have questions about which courses to take next in your program, please refer to your Degree Audit or schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor to discuss your program.

Automatic Registration

Students in automatic registration programs will be registered by the Registrar's Office in the months or weeks leading up to the start of the term. Should you have a hold on your account you will not be included in the initial round of registration. Please monitor your account and contact your Student Success Advisor once your hold has been lifted to ensure that you are able to be registered in a timely manner.

Requesting Registration

If you are unable to self-register for a course or residency, or feel you might have been missed during the automatic registration process, you can make a registration request by phone to Student Success Advising, or submit a written request to Student Success Advising for registration. Your written request should be submitted via your Walden email.

In your request please sure to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your full student ID
  • The name and number of the course(s) or residency for which you'd like to be registered
  • The term or part of term in which you'd like the course added

If you have a hold that prevents registration on your account at the time of your request we will not be able to process your registration.

Please note: Academic advising can take registration requests by phone.  However, to ensure the accuracy of a phoned registration request, please schedule an appointment to speak with a Student Success Advisor and be in front of a computer with access to your degree audit during the appointment.

Registration Error Message

Students who are in programs that allow for self-registration may occasionally run into an error message. That means either a student hasn’t taken a course (the pre-requisite) needed prior to the desired course or that a final grade has not been assigned for the pre-requisite course. You can contact your Student Success Advisor for more clarification regarding the specific reason for the error message. Your Student Success Advisor may help with a manual registration if you do, in fact, meet the pre-reqs for the desired course or will suggest an alternative course for you to take in the upcoming term.

Failing to Register for a Course

Students who fail to register, and have not applied for or been granted a leave of absence, risk being withdrawn from the university and may not have access to academic and administrative services. These students will not retain financial aid. To re-enter the university, they must apply for reinstatement or readmission and, if necessary, reapply for financial aid.

Altering Course Sequence or Course Load

Many degree programs have specific course sequences that students should follow - either in regards to the order in which courses are taken or which courses are taken together in a term. If you have questions about possibly altering your course sequence please contact your Student Success Advisor to discuss the request.

Changing Course Sections

The only time students are allowed to change sections of their course to another instructor is if they are retaking the class and were assigned the same instructor who taught their initial attempt, or were inadvertently placed in a section not taught by their assigned faculty mentor or chairperson.