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About Student Success Advising: About Advising Home


Thank you for visiting our page to learn more about Student Success Advising! Here you will find more information about our department, covering our roles and the ways in which we assist students, as well as finding out how to contact your assigned advisor directly.


Why do I need an Advisor?

Learn more about why students need a Student Success Advisor and the ways in which we can help our students.

Contact Us

Need to get in touch with your Student Success Advisor? Find his or her email address here.  Your email will be automatically routed to your assigned Student Success Advisor.

Working With Your Advisor

Just as there are different ways you can get in touch with an advisor (via email, phone, by appointment, etc.) there are different reasons to use each of these contact methods. Learn more about the options Student Success Advising recommends for you, based on the timing or type of question you have under Contacting Your Advisor.

Additionally, while a Student Success Advisor is well-versed in many facets of your degree program, there are times when we will direct you to the right person to contact. Learn more about what things advisors tend to help with and which offices or individuals we recommend you contact for other issues under Know Who to Contact for Your Questions.


A large part of an advisor's responsibility is helping students to understand the policies surrounding their programs. This section will detail answers to frequently asked questions about University and Student Success Advising policies.

Advising Terminology

Some of the communications that you'll hear in class, read in your emails, or discuss with Student Success Advising will involve different terms that are often new to students. Knowing what those terms are will help you be successful from the start of your program.

Common Forms

You have access to different forms that you might use throughout the course of your program at Walden. These are some of the most commonly used forms students from all programs at Walden use throughout the course of their programs. Program-specific forms are best obtained from your Student Success Advisor or program leadership directly.