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Frequently Asked Questions: Incomplete Grades

Requesting an Incomplete (I) Grade

In general, Walden discourages the practice of Incomplete (I) grades. However, there are times where such a grade is warranted.

I grades are typically assigned only when a student has completed the majority (80%) of a course, including assignments and discussions, but has an event occur that prevents him or her from successfully completing the remainder of the course. In this case, the student must contact his or her instructor to inquire about the possibility of getting an I grade. The request should be submitted prior to the last day of class.

In the request, students should identify the assignments that remain and the timeline of when the missing assignments will be submitted.

Students have no more than 60 calendar days from the end of class to complete the missing work and submit the materials to their instructor. After 60 days, an I grade will automatically roll to an F (Fail) or U (Unsatisfactory) grade.
Please note: The length of the extension is up to the instructor and your instructor can give you less than the 60 days maximum to complete your late work.

For more information, please review the Student Handbook.