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Graduate & Certificate Programs: Graduate & Certificate Home


There are a number of graduate and certificate programs here at Walden – from M.S. in Addiction Counseling to Graduate Certificates in Education. Learn more about these programs and life as a graduate or certificate student at Walden.


Your Advisors

Learn how to contact your Student Success Advisor. Advisors typically advise for a specific program so to find your advising team, please be sure to select the appropriate college for your program.

Program Tips

Your advising team has put together a list of tips for you to help you succeed in your program. Find out what they recommend by visiting this page but know that they will also be able to give you personalized advice if you have a unique situation or question.


While most Walden graduate programs consist of coursework and a capstone, there are some face-to-face elements of these programs.

Practicum & Field Experience

More information coming soon - in the meantime please visit the Field Experience website.

Academic Progress

Students at Walden must adhere to the University’s academic policies regarding academic progress, which includes grades earned in individual classes, overall average of grades earned in a program, and the length of time students have to complete their program.

Graduation & Degree Conferral

Learn more about the graduation application and commencement ceremonies for our graduating students.


Your Student Success Advisors have compiled a list of resources we recommend to help students be successful in their programs. Learn more by visiting this section.