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International Student Advising: International Student Home


Since August 2009, the Student Academic Advising Team has been assisting Walden students who live outside the U.S. Currently, Walden’s international student population is over 4,000 students.

Academic Advising advises students on policies, procedures, and academic programs over the phone, on Skype, and via email. In addition to these responsibilities, the members of Academic Advising serve as Student Support for international students. Academic Advising advisors are able to assist students with billing and payment questions. Members of Academic Advising also troubleshoot issues with course materials, portal access, and internet browsers. 

Including Walden students, Academic Advising also assists students enrolled in an undergraduate dual degree program in collaboration with three Laureate International Universities with over 30 campuses. This program is growing in popularity, and Academic Advising continues to expand its services to this population.

We welcome emails at and can be contacted via telephone at +1-612-925-3368.