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Peer Mentors:
Undergraduate Peer Mentors

About the Program

About the Program

Undergraduate Peer Mentors are experienced Walden students who provide academic success tips and guidance to incoming undergraduate students (mentees). A peer mentor’s goal is to ensure that all mentees successfully acclimate to academic life at Walden and smoothly transition from their first-term course into higher-level coursework. To that end, peer mentors are eager to share knowledge, experiences, and helpful resources with mentees during their first quarter at Walden.


All undergraduate students enrolled in Personal and Organizational Leadership (LDRS 1001) during the Fall and Winter 2020 Quarters will have the opportunity to work with a peer mentor. During your first and second terms, your mentor will reach out via email, and you will have the option of scheduling an individual appointment with your mentor using Blackboard Collaborate. Your mentor/mentee relationship will continue until you complete your second term course.

If you began (or will begin) LDRS 1001 on one of the dates below, look for an email or message from your mentor in the Class Café:

Winter Quarter Start Dates

  • November, 30th, 2020
  • December 14th, 2020
  • January 11th, 2020

What to Expect

Every week, peer mentors will email you helpful tips and motivational advice. If you reach out to your peer mentor with a question, you can expect a response within 24 hours.

In addition to email communication, you will have the opportunity to connect individually with your peer mentor through virtual appointments. During one-one meetings, your peer mentor will listen to concerns you may have, offer advice, share experiences, and provide encouragement. While they cannot review assignments or advise you on program requirements, they can guide you towards resources and teams that provide the support you need.

Finally, though peer mentors will be assigned to every section of LDRS 1001 during the Fall and Winter 2020 Quarters, mentees are not required to attend individual meetings or respond to email communication. Mentors will not call you directly or give out their personal phone numbers, and if you choose to meet with a peer mentor once, there is no pressure to meet with them on a regular basis. Though we hope you make a connection, we understand that each student’s needs are different and that no mentor-mentee relationship is exactly alike.

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Long description available under heading What to Expect From Your Mentor

What to Expect from Your Mentor

1. Guide: Your mentor will guide you to resources and services that can support your success, but cannot provide assignment feedback or support. 2. Share: Your mentor will share their own tips for success. 3. Respond: Your mentor will respond to emails with 24-hours. 4. Encourage: Your mentor will encourage you through weekly emails and opportunities to chat. 5. Support: Your mentor will provide you with helpful advice. 6. Listen: Your mentor will listen to your concerns and questions.

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