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Step 1: Planning for Your Practicum Journey

The first step to your practicum journey is planning.  As part of your plan you should know; 

  • Your degree program, specialization, track, and learning modality.
  • The course(s) in your degree plan that require practicum.
  • What term you will take your practicum course(s).
  • How to access the Practicum Manual. 
  • The application deadline dates for the terms you plan to take your course(s).
  • Resources available for professional preparation.

Know your Degree Information, Practicum Courses & Timeline

The Walden University College of Nursing has three degree programs and certificate programs that require practicum: BSN, MSN, DNP and Post-Master's Certificate. Each degree and certificate program has multiple specializations and tracks. Walden also offers two learning modality options: Course-based and Tempo-based learning. Knowing your degree, specialization and track is key to determining which practicum courses you are required to complete.

Once you know your degree, specialization, track, and modality you can determine which practicum courses you need to take and when you will take them. Each course has different pre-requisites and practicum requirements.  

Schedule a phone appointment with your Student Success Advisor or Tempo Academic Coach to ensure you are confident in knowing which practicum courses you need to take and when. Course-based students may also utilize Degree Works. 

Know about Practicum

Important Practicum Dates & Deadlines

You must submit one application per preceptor nominee, practicum site, course, and term. You will not be registered to take a practicum course without an approved application in Meditrek. The process is lengthy and applying by the deadline is critical. Failure to submit your practicum application by the deadline may result in a delay to the next term and a delay in your graduation date.

Read the Practicum Manual

The Practicum Manuals outline policies and procedures for field experience. You are required to read the Practicum Manual in detail and adhere to the policies included within. You must confirm you have read and understand all the policies in this manual when you apply for practicum.

Additional Important Resources

Utilize Professional Preparation Resources

These Professional Preparation resources may assist you in your search for a practicum site. They may also help in your future job search. 

Approach your practicum site and preceptor search with the same diligence you would in looking for a job.

Practicum Plan

In certain courses you will be required to submit a practicum plan in Meditrek as part of a course assignment. You should follow all directions as outlined in the course syllabus in Canvas. 

Get Started with Meditrek

Meditrek, a product of HSoft Corporation, is the user-friendly online tool that you will use to apply for, track, and manage your practicum experience.