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Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Overview

FNP Clinical Checklist

General MSN Preceptor Requirements

Course Specific Requirement

PRAC 6531: Primary Care of Adults Across the Lifespan Practicum

  • Types of Patients: Ages 18 and older in the primary care setting for primary care
  • Types of Services: Assessment and management of primary care
  • Possible Preceptor Choices:
    • Primary care: MD, DO, PA, FNP, AGNP
    • Family practice: MD, DO, PA, FNP, AGNP
    • Internal medicine: MD, DO, PA, FNP
      Note: The preceptor’s practice cannot have a specialty.
  • Possible Site Choices: Family practice, internal medicine practice, or primary care clinic; additional sites that may be acceptable include health departments and retail clinics that provide primary care
  • Nonacceptable Sites: Acute care facilities (hospitals, surgery centers, EDs, emergent or urgent care clinics), specialty clinics, long-term care facilities, university health services, hospice care centers, pain management centers, home care, cancer centers, and correctional facilities.
  • Requirements: 160 hours; minimum 120 patients

FNP Course Sequence