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Required Activities

Nursing Education Specialization

Total Hours: 144

  1. NURS 6341: Specialty in Clinical Nursing
  • Didactic: 4 credits
  • Practicum: 1 credit
  • Total Hours: 72
  1. NURS 6351: Role of the Nurse Educator
  • Didactic: 4 credits
  • Practicum: 1 credits
  • Total Hours: 72

Prerequisites: In some instances, students may have reason to take NURS 6351 prior to NURS 6341 (this must be petitioned through Student Success Advising). However, NURS 6321: Curriculum Development, Assessment, & Evaluation, NURS 6331: Teaching Learning Strategies: Integrating Technology Into Nursing Education, and NURS 6370: Foundational Skills for Nurse Educators in Academic and Healthcare Environments must be successfully completed prior to taking NURS 6351.


In addition, NURS 6380: Advanced Pathopharmacology and Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators must be successfully completed prior to taking NURS 6341.

Course Specific Requirement

NURS 6351: Role of the Nurse Educator

  • Possible Preceptor Choices: Nurse educators in an academic setting, hospital, or clinic in the role of academician, staff developer, or patient educator
  • Possible Site Choices: Academic setting that educates nursing students or allied health staff; hospital, clinic, or other community-based facility that has health education needs for patients and staff