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Meditrek Access

Access Meditrek Here 

Tips and Tricks
  • Try these top 10 tips & tricks to login to Meditrek!

  • Make sure you are using the correct link: 
    1.  Don’t forget to include the ‘edu.’ before typing or the login will not be successful. 
    2. Please note that there is no ‘www.’ in the link; if you include ‘www.’, the link will not work. 
    3. Do not use 
    4. Do not do an internet search or “google” to find Meditrek as it may bring you to the incorrect site. 
    5. After logging in successfully, please bookmark the site for future use.  
  • Remember the password is case sensitive. Don't forget to capitalize when needed!
  • Try a different browser!  Meditrek is compatible with the following browsers:   
    1. a. Chrome:  Download Google Chrome 
    2. b. Firefox:  Download Mozilla Firefox 
  • If you utilize Internet Explorer, there may be issues with the local security system.  If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, you may have to click “Use Another Account” or “More Choices” at the bottom of the sign-in frame, to force it to provide you with an edit box for your Meditrek username. 
  • Using a work computer?  There may be a firewall or another security mechanism preventing you from logging on.  Try your personal computer.  
  •  Please note that mobile devices and tablets may not be compatible with the Meditrek system. 
  •  Try restarting your browser; close all tabs and windows and start the login process from scratch.  
  •  Disable any pop-up blockers on your browser.   
  • Make sure there are no spaces or punctuation in your username or password textboxes.   
  • If you have tried to copy and paste the username and password in the textboxes, try typing the username and password directly into the textboxes manually.