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Required Activities

Total Hours: 360

  1. NURS 6720: Population-Based Public Health Nursing Interventions
  • Didactic: 2 credits
  • Practicum: 3 credits
  • Total Hours: 216
  1. NURS 6730: Public Health Nursing Leadership
  • Didactic: 3 credits
  • Practicum: 2 credits
  • 144 hours

Prerequisites for NURS 6720Population-Based Public Health Nursing Interventions include NURS 6710, PUBH 6034, and NURS 6700.

Prerequisites for NURS 6730: Public Health Nursing Leadership: include PUBH 6475 and NURS 6720.

Note: NURS 6720 and NURS 6730 cannot be taken together.

Course Specific Requirement

NURS 6730: Public Health Nursing Leadership*

  • Possible Preceptor Choices: Registered nurses employed in a leadership role in the public health or community health environment with a PhD, DNP, MSN, or MPH
    • Nominated preceptors who have a public health role but who do not have an advanced degree in nursing may be acceptable if students have a co-preceptor.
  • Possible Site Choices: Local, state, or national public health departments; community centers or agencies (including voluntary, nonprofit, and/or nongovernmental organizations) focused on population care, environmental health, disaster management, and health education
  • Nonacceptable Site Choices: Home visits

*Please Note: For NURS 6720 and NURS 6730 it is preferred that the student remain at the same practicum site.