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Required Activities

Nurse Executive Specialization

Total Hours: 144

NURS 6600: Capstone Synthesis Practicum

  • Didactic: 3 credits
  • Practicum: 2 credits
  • Total Hours Required: 144


NURS 6241: Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations must be taken prior to NURS 6600. NURS 6241 has content that can assist the student be successful in NURS 6600. Students must petition through Student Success Advising in order to take NURS 6241 and 6600 together.

Course Specific Requirement

NURS 6600: Capstone Synthesis Practicum

  • Possible Preceptor Choices: Registered nurses with a PhD, DNP, MSN (e.g. Nurse Executive), MHA, MBA, and/or MPH degree in a leadership role
  • Possible Site Choices: Hospital, clinics, health department, school of nursing