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Step 3: Applying for Practicum & Receiving Approval

The third step in your practicum journey is applying for each practicum course and receiving approval. This can be a lengthy process, so start early and make sure you submit your application on time. 

  • Review the practicum manual for details on what you need to submit.
  • Obtain documents and information you need to apply.
  • Submit your application by the application deadline in Meditrek. 
  • Complete your onboarding requirements in CastleBranch by the deadline.
  • Monitor your application status and fix any errors immediately.
  • Receive approval & get registered for the course.

Important Practicum Dates & Deadlines

You must submit one application per preceptor nominee, practicum site, course, and term. You will not be registered to take a practicum course without an approved application in Meditrek. The process is lengthy and applying by the deadline is critical. Failure to submit your practicum application by the deadline may result in a delay to the next term and a delay in your graduation date.

Application Requirements

You will need the following to submit your practicum application(s)

  1. Your RN license information.
  2. Practicum site information.
  3. Practicum site administrator contact information. 
  4. Preceptor credentials, qualifications, and contact information.
  5. Preceptor license information.
  6. Preceptor Commitment Form.
  7. Telehealth Questionnaire: Only required if you are applying for telehealth practicum for a select NP practicum course where telehealth is permitted as outlined in the Practicum Manual.

Submit Your Practicum Application

  • Every practicum course, preceptor, and practicum site requires a separate application.
  • Download the Preceptor Commitment Form for your preceptor to complete. 
  • You can save sections of your application and revise until you submit.
  • Review the checklist within Meditrek of what you need to complete.
  • You cannot submit your application until your checklist is complete.
  • Your completed application must be submitted in Meditrek by the deadline

Complete Your Onboarding Requirements

Additional Important Information

Preparation for practicum does not end when you submit your application!

Waitlist Late Application Requests

It's essential to submit your practicum application(s) by the deadline to avoid delays. If you miss the deadline, you may request to submit late application through the waitlist. The waitlist is only available for a limited time and can close at any time without notice for various reasons. Once the waitlist is closed, new requests for late applications will no longer be accepted. The ability to submit a late application through the waitlist is not guaranteed.