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College of Nursing


The College of Nursing envisions recognition as a preeminent 21st-century school of nursing in which the contributions of nursing, health, and related sciences will transform the provision of nursing services along the continuum of care and across the human life span to meet the needs of individuals and local and global communities.


The College of Nursing provides academically rigorous and culturally and contextually relevant educational programs, based in the scholar-practitioner model, for a diverse array of nursing professionals seeking enhancement of critical thinking skills, abilities to select and implement evidence-based practices, and core and specialty nursing knowledge in order to transform society.

Office of Certification, Licensure & Compliance

The Office of Certification, Licensure, & Compliance (OCLC) assists students and graduates with most nursing licensure, certification, and compliance questions. We process certain certification, licensure-related, and miscellaneous documentation by request. Students nearing the end of their nursing degree program or graduates who have questions or need assistance with educational verification or practicum hours verification should reach out to us. For more information about our office click here.