Using study tips and learning how to apply feedback are ways that help you grow as a student.

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You have no idea what this article mean to me. It eases my anxiety knowing there is someone who understands that it's sometimes really a struggle to learn something new especially writing.
Elizabeth Nwaeke

Peer Mentor Sherry Wilson shares her top tips for utilizing the Writing Center’s paper review service.
To learn more visit Writing Center: Paper Reviews

Rubrics define grading criteria

Most instructors utilize a rubric to establish clear expectations for assignments. This resource breaks down a rubric and explains how to use one to self-improve and achieve higher grades.


A Guide to Rubrics (PDF)


In this video, you can learn ways to access your instructor's assignment feedback in the BlackBoard classroom.
Discover strategies to help you Learn and Grow from Instructor Feedback

Feedback and constructive criticism encourages your growth as a student

When you are unsure of how to interpret or apply an instructor’s feedback, reach out for clarification. This presentation offers a step-by-step guide to getting the support you need in understanding your instructor’s feedback.
Asking for Feedback Clarification (PDF)

Your instructor is your most valuable resource.

However, when it comes to reaching out to faculty members, you may feel intimidated. This presentation was designed to help you overcome those fears by offering advice on how and when to communicate with your instructor.
Communicating with Instructors (PDF)

Overcoming Procrastination

Effective Time Management

Savvy Student Podcast // Episode 08 // 21:12

Dr. Heidi Marshall on Levels of Literacy, SKIL Courses & Workshops, & Running a Fitness Company

You're not failing at something when you've never done before. You're simply learning.
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