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CON Field Experience Onboarding: Onboarding

Field Experience Onboarding Requirements

Onboarding Requirements

Walden University College of Nursing’s Onboarding Policy requires practicum students to complete specific requirements in order to be approved for practicum. These onboarding requirements vary from state to state; however, they generally include the passing of a background check and drug screening, health requirements, required training and professional liability insurance, and any additional onboarding requirements that may be required by the field site.  This is a Walden University requirement that applies to all nursing practicum students. Being an employee of the field site does not exempt students from this requirement.

Requirements will only be approved if submitted through Walden University’s designated provider, CastleBranch.  Please be aware that students are responsible for all expenses incurred for onboarding requirements. Students will not be permitted to start their field experience until Onboarding Requirements are complete.


CastleBranch, Walden’s designated vendor for onboarding requirements, provides a secure platform to complete onboarding requirements. Onboarding requirements are managed, stored and tracked in CastleBranch.  Students must complete ALL the requirements listed in the CastleBranch portal to begin their practicum. Students must complete all onboarding requirements online at Step-by-step instructions can be found here. Any questions regarding the purchase of a screening package can be answered by CastleBranch at 1-888-723-4263. For questions regarding the field site, onboarding requirements or practicum applications regarding this process, please contact

Application Submission:

Students do not need to complete the onboarding requirements in CastleBranch prior to submitting a practicum application, but the requirements must be completed before an application will be approved.  This practicum application will not be fully approved until all the requirements are complete in CastleBranch.   The School of Nursing Field Education Office Staff will confirm submission of all requirements in CastleBranch to approve practicum applications. 

Field Site Onboarding Requirements: 

  1. Verification of Requirements by Walden University:  When required by the field site, Walden University will communicate the satisfactory completion of these requirements directly to field sites.  If an approved field site requires something in addition to what is required by Walden University, an additional package can be obtained through CastleBranch, at the request of Walden’s Field Education Office, to fulfill those requirements.  The Field Experience staff will e-mail students when additional requirements are mandated by the field site.   
  2. Verification of Requirements by the Student:  In some cases, students may be required to submit verification of onboarding requirements directly to the field site.  In these cases, students may provide documentation from CastleBranch to the field site.  Students may contact CastleBranch directly to receive instructions on how to send account information.