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Center for Social Change
 Center for Social Change
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Center for Social Change:
Center for Social Change Associate Director

Walden University's Center for Social Change is a connective hub that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative alliances, action research, and projects that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change.

Molly Raymond, MSW

Molly Raymond

Associate Director, Center for Social Change

Molly Raymond lives in Minnesota and came to Walden in 2014 with 15 years of experience as a practicing community social worker.  Much of her work has been focused on youth development, community organizing, social justice, and social and emotional learning. Education and equity in education has always been a passion of hers, especially centered on empowering changemakers of all ages. Her research interests lie in positive psychology, social and emotional growth and resiliency, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and socially responsible leadership.


  • BA Social Work, Child Development. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,
  • MA Social Work, Community Organizing and Advocacy. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Public Service

  • Board Chair and Co-Founder, EDIT
  • Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Twin Cities Rise
  • Board of Directors, Charities Review Council

Awards and Honors

  • Commitment to Social Change Award. Walden University
  • Art for Change Award
  • Champion of Diversity, Diversity Council