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Center for Social Change:
WeCAN User Guides and Tutorials

Walden University's Center for Social Change is a connective hub that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative alliances, action research, and projects that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change.

Walden Change Action Network (WeCAN) User Guide

The Walden Change Action Network (WeCAN) is our university-wide platform that is currently, primarily used a volunteer management system for Global Days of Service. However, it has additional uses to empower our community to build cause-based interest groups, social change projects, and more.

WeCAN allows us to track our collective impact made and build a community around our annual month-long call to action for service, Global Days of Service. Review the below for information about how to use this platform.

For more detailed tutorials, tech support, and information go to GivePulse Support.



SEARCH for a service event posted near you by looking through the list at the bottom of the page.

  • You can search the list by typing your location in the search box
  • Select the globe on the right of Events to search using the map function


SUBMIT your completed service hours/project by selecting Add Impact at the top right of the Global Days of Service page and complete the list of questions. Your project will be reviewed for verification.  You will receive notification via email if there are questions, concerns, or when your impact has been verified.


CREATE and post a group service project and recruit volunteers by selecting Add Event at the top right of this page and enter in all your project information, which will be sent for approval prior to publishing. Once published, people will be able to search and register to join.

  1. To learn more about advanced registration settings (not required):
  2. Learn how to manage the Sign In for Service Event Attendees.
    • The Change Action Network is available through the mobile GivePulse App, which can be helpful for sign in at your event.

Download the GivePulse App

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel on the right hand side of your event page to manage your event.

  • Anyone who creates an event will automatically become an Admin, along with the Center for Social Change staff.
  • Select Edit to make any changes to your event.
  • Select the Dashboard to manage your registrations and other event information,
    • Once in your dashboard, to manage your registrations click on Registrations -> Manage Registrations (as shown below) on the left-hand admin panel, from here you will see the entire list of those who have signed up to attend

For more support, email