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Center for Social Change
 Center for Social Change
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Center for Social Change:
Global Days of Service

Walden University's Center for Social Change is a connective hub that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative alliances, action research, and projects that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change.

Global Days of Service 2021

Global Days of Service is an opportunity for our Walden community to honor and celebrate our commitment to our university’s mission of positive social change through service. This year we are expanding the way we commit to our changemaking by also adding in learning opportunities to build our knowledge and skills.

During the week of October 18 – 24, 2021 we invite our Walden community to focus their changemaking energy in the following areas:

  • Global Literacy
  • Youth Development
  • Storytelling for Social Change

Join Us In Our New GDS Event App!

New this year we are launching a more comprehensive way to participate in Global Days of Service. We have created an event app that you can access from your desktop or phone, similar to a virtual conference (and Walden Residencies). Register for the app to have full access to all the Global Days of Service offerings where you can access our featured:

  • Learning events:
    • Agents of Change: Marketing for a Cause - This conversation will explore how social change agents can tell stories that mobilize people to support their causes and help build stronger communities. All chagemakers must prioritize storytelling if we want to build an inclusive society.
    • Storytelling Summit - Stories play a vital role in building connections and empathy to drive meaningful social change. This day-long summit will dive into the power of how stories can help you be a more effective changemaker with engaging workshops and discussions led by renowned national storytelling experts.
    • Girls Empowerment in West Africa: A Conversation with Two Organizations - Hear from two of organization founders who serve two different countries in West Africa, both with the mission of empowering girls (and women) through literacy, education, and development.
  • Service opportunities:
    • Record and write stories to help youth build their reading skills, resilience, and global experiences.
    • Donate books and supplies for libraries and classrooms around the world
    • And more!
  • Resources:
    • Find stories and articles of our changemakers doing work related to our themes.
    • Utilize our volunteering information and other changemaking resources.
  • Networking Spaces:
    • Connect with your Walden community in the Storytelling Hub
    • Message and chat about your experiences and learnings with GDS this year!

Walden Change Action Network (WeCAN)

As always, you can access and explore only the service events in WeCAN. You will also be able submit an opportunity for others (Submit Opportunity) or add your independent project (Add impact). The app will also have resources and links to WeCAN starting Oct. 11.