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Center for Social Change:

Walden University's Center for Social Change is a connective hub that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative alliances, action research, and projects that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change.

Call For Papers: Journal of Social Change

Special Edition: Racism in America

The Special Edition of the Journal of Social Change, Racism in America


We seek manuscript submissions of primary research, case studies, scholarly literature review essay submissions, professional application essays, book reviews, teaching practices, and op-ed submissions that analyze the social effects of systemic racism in America. The journal utilizes a double-blind peer-review process and is an open access publication.

Think creatively and broadly. The following is a simple list of examples:

  • Corporate America: Inclusive and diverse professionalism in the workplace over time
  • Mass incarceration, community policing/corrections, privatization of prison
  • Public policy and public administration, War on Drugs, and socialize risk
  • African American, Native-American, LatinX, Asian, and other minority challenges
  • Redlining, economic disparities on minorities and the lack of generational wealth
  • Funding for and access to pre-school and K-6 educational resources
  • Academic teaching trends in civics (Jim Crow, civil rights, etc.).
  • Psychological ramifications of living in isolated and unprivileged urban areas
  • Access to entrepreneurial capital in underprivileged urban areas
  • Book review or documentary review focused on systemic or institutional racism
  • Racial profiling, access to healthcare, mental healthcare, and quality education
  • Public health disparities of treatment among minorities in the age of COVID-19

Special consideration is given to submissions that provide a historical review of a topic and clear linkages to systemic racism and recommendations for positive social change. Submissions from all disciplines and multidisciplinary manuscripts are welcome.  Selected articles will be published in a special online edition and printed formats.

The Journal of Social Change promotes contributions to social change that improves the human condition and moves people, groups, organizations, cultures, and society toward a more positive future.



The journal will accept submissions from August 1, 2020 – August 1, 2021. Accepted articles are immediately published electronically and will be included in a bound edition at the conclusion of the special edition project.

Visit the Journal of Social Change for publication guidelines.

Special Edition Editor, Cecilia Stranton Adams

Cecilia Stanton Adams As Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Cecilia Stanton Adams is responsible for developing comprehensive diversity and inclusion initiatives at Allianz Life Insurance Company. In her role, she leads strategy development and implementation for diversity and inclusion both internally for employees, and externally for customers, partners, vendors, and the community. She also oversees community relations and corporate giving strategies for the company.

Prior to joining Allianz Life, Stanton Adams was CEO of the Stanton Adams Diversity Institute, where she provided services to improve strategic workforce planning, recruiting and retention, training and development, supplier diversity, and cultural competence. Prior to that, she was the Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity for Buffalo Wild Wings, where she led the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion strategy.

Stanton Adams holds a B.A. in psychology from Bloomfield College in New Jersey and an M.A. in sociology/psychology from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, where she also completed a predoctoral fellowship in cognitive psychology. She is a volunteer at the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance, Hispanic MBA, the Sexual Violence Center, Junior Achievement, and African-American Family Services, and is on the Board of Team Women.

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