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Entering Goals

The first step in the PhD-CES Internship Self-Assessment is to enter your goals for yourself for the quarter.

  1. Open the Internship - CES Self-Assessment from the Evaluation Table on your Meditrek Welcome Page.
  2. Select goals from the drop-down menus to list your internship goals for each domain in the appropriate order.
  3. Enter additional goals for the domains in the text boxes, if provided.
    • Choose “Not Applicable” for the goals in domains that are not part of your Individual Internship Plan.
  4. Once all of the goals have been entered, click either:“Save Draft” to save the goals and review later OR “Save Final” to save the final draft of your goals for this quarter.

Completing the Final Self-Assessment

At the end of the quarter, you will evaluate your progress toward the goals you identified at the beginning of the term, and you will submit artifacts to support your ratings.

  1. Open the Internship - CES Self-Assessment from the Evaluation Table on your Meditrek Welcome Page.
  2. Enter the documentation or description of the artifact(s) that you will submit via the Upload Manager (see next page) for each of your Internship Goals.
  3. Enter your ratings for each of your Internship Goals.
  4. Click on “Upload artifacts/documentation” to upload artifacts that support each of your Internship Goals.
  5. Click on “Choose File” to upload your file.
  6. Enter a description of the file, if you wish.
  7. Click on “Upload.”  The assessment will accept uploads of up to 1GB.
  8. For each file you upload, choose the Goal(s) that the document/artifact supports.
  9. Click “Submit” to upload the file.
  10. When you are finished, click on “Return to Evaluation” (at the top left side of the screen) to review your final Internship Student Self-Assessment.
  11. Once all of the documentation/artifacts and ratings fore ach of your goals have been entered and documentation has been submitted, click “Save Draft” to save the assessment and review later or “Save Final” to save and submit the final draft of your assessment for this quarter.