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Completing an Evaluation

You will be provided with instructions for completing evaluations as they are required. When there is an evaluation that you need to complete in Meditrek, a link to the evaluation will show on your Meditrek Welcome Page. You will click on the “due” link to access the evaluation and submit it in Meditrek.

To open an evaluation, click the 'due' link on your Welcome page. Fill out the form, making sure to answer every question. Comments may be required or optional; read the text above the comment field(s) for guidance. If the form asks for a password, enter your Meditrek password. When you're finished, click the Submit button at the bottom. Important: only press the Submit button once.


If there were any problems with the form (a question not answered, required comments not entered, or incorrect password), then the evaluation will be displayed again with the errors marked (*).


Otherwise, you will see an Evaluation Confirmation page. In a few seconds, your Welcome page will appear again. You will notice that the evaluation you just did will either be gone from your list, or it will be marked "done" (if there's another evaluation that's still due in that row).

Viewing Completed Evaluations

Evaluations Completed by Faculty and Site Supervisors

To view your evaluations completed by faculty and site supervisors, click on "Review Your Evaluations by Faculty and Supervisors" on your Meditrek Welcome Page. You can then click on the faculty member/site supervisor’s name to view your completed evaluations.

Evaluations Completed by Student

To view evaluations completed by you, click on “View Evaluations You Have Completed” on your Meditrek Welcome Page. You will see a list of all of the forms and evaluations that you have completed during the program. You can click on the related faculty member/site supervisor’s name to view the completed evaluation.

Student Evaluation Schedule

You can find all of the evaluations scheduled in Meditrek for you (to be completed by you, program faculty, and site supervisors) by clicking on View Your Evaluation Schedule on your Meditrek Welcome Page.