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Submitting your Field Experience Application

After all items of your application checklist have been successfully completed:

  1. Read the “Finalize Application” window contents and mark the checkbox, if ready.
  2. Enter your Meditrek password and click the “Submit” button.

Upon successful submission, the status of your application will update to Submitted.


How to Monitor Your Application Status

Meditrek allows you to see the status of your application in real time. Log into Meditrek and click on the Field Application button.

Status Definitions

  • Incomplete-started—The application has been started with course name and quarter, but the application has not been completed or submitted
  • Incomplete—The application is incomplete as some checklist items have been completed but application is not officially submitted for review. This application will not be reviewed until completed, finalized and submitted in Meditrek.
  • Submitted—The application has been submitted in Meditrek.  This application is either queued up for review or is under review by the Office of Field Experience.  The Office of Field Experience typically begins application reviews after the application deadline.  Applications will remain in this status while the application is being reviewed.
  • Returned The application has issues or corrections that need to be resolved by the student and resubmitted for review.  Students should review the email notification for further details, next steps and instructions for resolving the issue with the application.   This application will not be reviewed until the issue is resolved and the application is resubmitted in Meditrek.
  • Approval Pending—The application review is complete, but there are items needed prior to approval (completion of an affiliation agreement with the field site, site onboarding requirements, completion of student support plans, prerequisite coursework, etc.)
  • Approval Pending Prerequisites Only The application review is complete and is only awaiting satisfactory completion of prerequisite coursework for approval. The Office of Field Experience will review the Eligibility Audit for completion of prerequisite coursework in the week prior to the term start and update the status as appropriate.
  • Approved—The application review is complete and the application has been approved. The student is approved to begin the field experience as described in their application at the start of the quarter for which the application was approved.
  • Closed The application has been closed and is not approved. The student is not approved to proceed with the field experience.  Students should review the email notification for further details regarding the reason for closure.
  • Replaced The application was approved, but has since been replaced (site supervisor changes, etc.).
  • Discontinued The application was approved, but the field experience was discontinued prior to completion of the quarter.

Affiliation Agreement Status

You can see the status of the affiliation agreement with your field site on your Meditrek Application Checklist. This must be “Completed and Approved” before your application for field experience will be approved.

Closing an Application

To close a field experience application (and remove it from review):

  1. Click on Close/Abandon Application on the bottom of the Application Checklist
  2. Select "Yes" when asked, "Are you sure..."
  3. Click on Close/Abandon Application

Important Note: If you close a field experience application, it will not be reviewed. You should only close an application if you do not intend to complete the field experience in the quarter for which you applied.