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Meditrek Guide for Counseling Students: Submitting and Monitoring the Status of Your Application

Submitting your Field Experience Application

After all items of your application checklist have been successfully completed:

  1. Read the “Finalize Application” window contents and mark the checkbox, if ready.
  2. Enter your Meditrek password and click the “Submit” button.

Upon successful submission, the status of your application will update to Submitted.


Monitoring your Application Status

Meditrek allows you to see the status of your application in real time. To see the status of your application at any time, log into Meditrek and click on the “Field Application” button.


Application Status Chart




Application is incomplete and will not be reviewed.


Application has been received and will be reviewed


Application has been reviewed and returned to the student.

Further work and resubmission by the student is required for further review.

Approval Pending

Application is approved pending completion and approval of one or more of the following:

  • Affiliation Agreement
  • Student Eligibility Audit

Approval Pending
Prerequisites ONLY

Application is approved pending only completion of prerequisite coursework.


Application is fully approved.


Application is closed and not approved.