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Read the Field Experience Manual

The Field Experience Manual outlines policies and procedures for field experience in the counseling masters' programs.

You are required to read the Counseling Masters' Programs Field Experience Manual in detail and adhere to the policies included within. You must confirm that you have read and understand all the policies in this manual when you apply for field experience. Failure to comply with the policies within this manual is considered a violation of Walden’s Code of Conduct and Professional Competence Policy and may result in formal sanctions, including, but not limited to, award of a failing course grade, Code of Conduct inquiry, and dismissal from the university. See the Walden University Student Handbook for details and contact the SOC-OFE with questions.

Determine when you will enroll in field experience and know your application deadlines!

Field experience takes place at the end of your program, first practicum (one quarter) and then internship (two quarters). You should refer to your Program of Study to determine the specific timing of your field experience, and contact your Student Success Advisor for additional assistance. You will need to apply for field experience about one quarter prior to each field experience course (see the specific Application Submission Windows below).

Application Submission Windows


Spring Quarter: February 26, 2024
Application Window Closes: December 15, 2023

Summer Quarter: May 27, 2024
Application Window Closes: March 15, 2024

Fall Quarter: August 26, 2024
Application Window Closes: June 15, 2024

Winter Quarter: November 25, 2024
Application Window Closes: September 15, 2024


The application window opens the day after the window closes for the previous quarter.
Field experience applications can be accepted only within these windows.


  • If you will not have been enrolled in a professional practice experience (Residency/Pre-Practicum or Field Experience Course) for 2 years or more prior to entering field experience, you will need to submit a Counseling Work Sample. The Counseling Work Sample submission window closes at the same time as the field experience application submission window.
  • A separate application must be completed and approved for every quarter of enrollment in field experience (including Practicum, Internship I, and Internship II, as well as Practicum and Internship Extensions, if needed).

Professional Preparation

These Professional Preparation resources may assist you in your search for a field site. While they are not a required part of your application, it is recommended you review the resources as they may help you in your future career search as well.

Be familiar with the licensure requirements in state(s) where you intend to practice.

The counseling masters’ programs are all CACREP accredited. The programs may meet or exceed requirements for licensure in most states where licensure or certification is available; however, not all the counseling programs are license-eligible, and states have varying requirements for licensure and certification for each program. If you are seeking licensure or certification in a specific state you are responsible for ensuring your program meets the necessary requirements. Additionally, you are responsible for checking with your state licensure board throughout your program for updates.

Field Experience Student Checklist

Please download and review the Field Experience Student Checklist to ensure that you know what you need to do to prepare for field experience.