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Changes in Field Experience/Supervision

You must participate in field experience only as specifically documented on your approved field experience application. Any changes (site supervisors, in-home counseling, TMH, etc.) must be approved in advance.

What to do if:

Notify your faculty supervisor and the SOC-OFE immediately if anything changes at your site.

Drops and Withdrawals

All students who terminate a field experience prior to the scheduled end of the field experience must complete the Field Experience Discontinuation/Termination form.  A drop or withdrawal request will not be processed until the SOC-OFE has received and reviewed this form and determined the termination with the field site and clients to be ethical.

Hours accrued during a term in which a student drops, withdraws, or earns a in a field experience will be forfeited.  Only hours earned during terms of field experience that are successfully completed will be counted toward the total hourly requirements of the program.

Incomplete Grades and Extensions

If you are not able to finish the required hours for field experience in the time allotted, there are options available to you:

  • Incomplete (I) Grade: if you have at least 80% of your direct and 80% of your total hours
  • Extension: if you don't have at least 80% of your hours (or anticipate needing more than 60 days)

Field Experience Manual: Incomplete (I) Grade and Extension Policy

I Grades and Extensions require an approved application, as with every other quarter of field experience, but the usual field experience application submission windows do not apply. Complete the Request for Incomplete or Extension form to have a new application opened for you in Meditrek.