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New Student Orientation Agreement

You will be required to complete a New Student Orientation in your Foundations course, and confirmation of your completion of this assignment is submitted in Meditrek.

Log Into Meditrek

Your Meditrek account will be created for you during your Foundations course and you will receive an email to your Walden email address with your login credentials (by the end of Week 4). If you have not received this information by the beginning of Week 5, please email for assistance.

Complete and Submit the New Student Orientation Agreement

Click on the "due" link next to New Student Orientation to open the New Student Orientation Agreement.


  1. Read the document thoroughly.
  2. Sign the document by entering your name and Meditrek password.
  3. Submit the document by clicking "Save Final".
  4. Open the signed New Student Orientation Agreement under "View Evaluations you have Completed" on your Meditrek login page.
  5. Right click and choose "Print" the document.
  6. Change the print destination to "Save as PDF" and save the document to a preferred location on your computer.
  7. Upload the saved PDF to the Blackboard classroom by the assignment due date.