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Meditrek Guide for Counseling Students: Frequently Asked Questions

My application keeps getting returned for the same reason(s), even though I have made the requested corrections. Where is the disconnect?

Make sure that the correct document is linked tot the Application Checklist item in the Upload Manager.

For example, if you were required to revised the Learning Agreement, you would need to click on "Field Experience Learning Agreement" in your Meditrek checklist. This will bring you to the Meditrek Upload Manager, where all of the documents that you have uploaded to Meditrek are housed. At the bottom of the page, you can upload a new document. After you upload the new document, you should ensure that the file listed in the "File" dropdown is the current version of the document, then click on the SAVE button.

How can I see my progress toward the hourly requirements of my field experience?

See the Viewing Total Hours section of this guide.

How can I make changes to hours I have entered in my time log?

See the Revising Time Log Entries section of this guide.

How do I enter CES Internship hours accrued prior to the start of the term?

**PhD-CES Internship Students ONLY**

Enter hours from your approved Individual Internship Plan that were accrued prior to enrollment in Internship on the first day of the term when you are enrolled in Internship:

  • TEACHING hours for Pre-Practicum 1&2 (40)
  • SUPERVISION hours for COUN 8135 Practicum Supervision (at least 15)
  • COUNSELING hours for Group Lab (up to 56, if applicable)

*You will need to separate the hours into multiple entries, as Meditrek will only allow you to enter up to 24 total hours in one time log entry.