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Student Organizations: Establish New Organization

Students and faculty members who are interested requesting the establishment of a new student organization at Walden University should review the steps in the process outlined below. If, after reviewing the information, there are additional questions, please contact

Step 1: review guidelines

Interested students and faculty should review the Walden University Student Organization guidelines below to determine if their group interest meets the guidelines for formal student organizations.

  • Student organizations are organized and active groups that, in many cases, are affiliated with national or international organizations or are Walden-sponsored.
  •  A student organization’s mission must align with the mission of Walden University and the College or School to which the student organization relates.
  • Student organizations must be formally organized, have a defined purpose and maintain a constitution and organization by-laws.
  • Student organizations must provide an annual report on the activities of the student organization.
  • Student organizations must secure a minimum of 2 faculty and/or staff advisors prior to submitting the required Walden University organizational form.
  • Student organizations and student organization members must abide by Walden University’s Code of Conduct in conducting the organization’s activities.
  • Student organizations are not communities and informal groups organized to share interested should be organized in Our Community and not as a student organization.

*Students who do not want to set up a formal, Walden-recognized student organization, may
request an informal group in
Our Community to connect with fellow students and faculty with similar interests.

Step 2: request Walden's approval

Request approval through the Walden University approval process:

  • Complete the Walden University Student Organization Request Form and submit to  
  • The Office of Student Affairs will review the application and if it is complete and if it meets Walden criteria, will forward the request to the appropriate academic department* for approval.
  • The Office of Student Affairs will send notification to the student organization regarding the status of the request. 

*Please note: Walden’s approval of student organizations affiliated with a National / International Office, are contingent upon receiving subsequent approval from that National / International Office (see Step 3).

Step 3: national or international office approval & getting started

Once the Establishment of a Student Organization has been approved by Walden University:

Honor Societies, Professional Organizations, Special Interest (with National/International Organization affiliation):

  • Apply for and receive national/international office approval (see the applicable website for information and the process for the specific national/international organization).
  • After receiving national/international office approval, these student organizations must submit a copy of the approval letter to and then the organization may begin development of the student organization structure, the required constitution and by-laws, an initial membership drive, induction ceremonies, etc. in collaboration with the faculty advisors.


Special Interest-Walden University based Student Organization  (no national/international office affiliation):

  • Organizations without a national or international office affiliation may begin development of the student organization structure, the required constitution and by-laws, an initial membership drive, induction ceremonies, etc. in collaboration with the faculty advisors.

Step 4: ongoing reporting

All Walden-approved student organizations must submit an annual report form, member roster, and constitution and/or bylaws (if updated during the past year). Requests for updates will be sent to the primary faculty advisor on file with the Office of Student Affairs annually (around January).

If there are changes throughout the year to the primary faculty or student officer contacts, please update the Office of Academic Affairs by contacting us at