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SALUTE is the first national academic honor society established for student veterans, and active military, in 2-year and 4-year institutions of higher education.  Another unique element of our honor society includes a 4-tier system, which is designed to encourage undergraduate student veterans to strive to improve their GPAs and advance to higher tier levels (and scholarship brackets) in the honor society during their academic careers.

SALUTE is an acronym of the foundation blocks and core-values of the honor society, and is the basis of our success.

S – Service

​An act of helpful activity or selflessness, help, and aid: The service member, who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, is able to continue their service to this Country with community-campus participation.

A – Academics

A scholar in an institute of education, in the environment concerned with the pursuit of research, learning, and scholarship: True scholars humbly realize the learning is a continuing process and are keenly aware of the level of dedicated and academics it will take to reach their goals of success. SALUTE supports our members through Scholarships, and we encourage our members to be peer mentors and sponsors at their colleges to incoming military-members.

L – Leadership

​Activity of influencing people to cooperate in achieving some common goal or objective. The quality to pull together as one, allows a person to contribute while retaining their uniqueness as individuals and leaders. SALUTE requests our Chapters to facilitate student involvement and engagement in activities.

U – Unity

​The state of being one; oneness; a thing forming a complex whole; being connected together, networking, for the good of the country and community.

T – Tribute

​Acknowledge of the valuable consideration paid by one to another, in the price of peace, security and protection. SALUTE may help nurture this core value by paying tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters, and through Philanthropy.

E – Excellence

​The state of excelling, if you are going to achieve excellence in the big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is a prevailing attitude and lifelong learning.



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