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About Residencies: Home

Walden residencies enable you to...

  • Create an action plan for completing your program of study.
  • Connect with faculty members in individual or group advising sessions.
  • Enhance your writing, research, critical-thinking, and discipline-specific skills.
  • Exchange experiences and insights with students who share your interests.
  • Collaborate directly with student support staff.

Virtual Residencies

PhD students who meet certain eligibility requirements may participate in a virtual residency for their second and/or fourth residency requirements.

Virtual residencies focus on the same learning outcomes as face-to-face residencies and use a variety of tools, including virtual conferencing, online learning platforms, and social networking, to encourage collaboration and discussions.  

Face-to-Face Residencies

These residencies are held throughout the year at various locations around the United States. In selecting residency sites, Walden chooses U.S. locations that meet accreditation requirements, are readily accessible to our students, and satisfy meeting space needs for various programs.

As an online institution with a global reach, Walden also offers some international residency opportunities (for students in select programs). These unique opportunities (previously offered in Shanghai, China, San Jose, Costa Rica; London, England; Paris, France; Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; and Istanbul, Turkey) can provide you with the opportunity to engage in cultural activities as well as traditional residency work. Currently, international residencies are only available for select programs.

Register for your Walden residency(ies) through myWalden.