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Office of Degree Acceleration:
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Office of Degree Acceleration Frequently Asked Questions


How can I accelerate my time to degree completion?

The office offers a number of avenues to accelerate your degree. The best way to start is to contact your Student Success Advisor to discuss the best route for you and your program requirements.

When is the best time to pursue acceleration options?

Starting in the second term of their program, students are encouraged to speak to their Student Success Advisor to understand their options. Most acceleration options are available to students at any time in their program, pending eligibility.

How can I learn how to develop a prior learning portfolio? 

After talking with a staff member in the Office of Degree Acceleration about your fit for developing a prior learning portfolio, you will be enrolled in a non-credit module to provide necessary information about the steps involved. The module is self-paced and will provide opportunities for you to submit a narrative draft to get preliminary feedback. 

How do I access the Walden University course syllabus or learning outcomes?

Please email to request access to a particular course syllabus or learning outcomes. After you speak to your Student Success Advisor or a staff member in the Office of Degree Acceleration about your portfolio submission plan, you can begin looking for appropriate course selections.

Where can I locate a list of course descriptions?

Students are able to locate course descriptions in the Walden University Catalog. If you are interested in developing one or more prior learning portfolios it is recommended that students read through the course descriptions of courses that may match their prior experience and learning. 

What are the requirements of the prior learning assessment portfolio?

The portfolio consists of an updated résumé, a narrative, and supporting evidence. Students should refer to the portfolio assessment rubric for further details.

How much credit can I earn through prior learning?

The maximum total amount of combined prior learning credit cannot exceed 90 quarter credits.

How do I receive full credit for my portfolio?

Meeting the minimum requirements (70% or 210 points) will earn up to five quarter academic credits. Additionally, students must meet a minimum score in the category of Course Outcomes Identified and Assessed in order to receive credits. If students receive 69–60%, they will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit to the faculty assessor for another review with no additional fees. If the grade is less than 59%, students can revise and resubmit for an additional $150 fee.

What is the cost for the portfolio submission?

The cost for each portfolio submission is $150.

Can I use financial aid for prior learning opportunities?

Financial aid cannot be applied to the portfolio submission fee of $150. In addition, financial aid cannot be used for credits by examination enrollment fees nor alternative credit course fees but it can be used for Accelerate Into Master’s (AIM) courses.