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Alternative Credit Options: Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy

Visit the Saylor Academy website for more details on this educational provider or to register for a course.

Cost: FREE (may require a $25 exam proctoring fee)

NOTE: All courses noted below may also count towards lower level elective credits. No upper level elective credits will be awarded for Saylor Academy courses.

For Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEE) students only: None of the Saylor Academy courses will be worth credits in the BSEE program. 

Saylor Academy Course Name Equivalent Walden Course
BIO 101: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

BIOL 1001: Introduction to Biology OR

Math and Natural Sciences General Education (MNTR)

CHEM 101: General Chemistry

CHEM 1001: Introduction to Chemistry OR

Math and Natural Sciences General Education (MNTR)

PHYS 102: Introduction to Electromagnetism Math and Natural Sciences General Education (MNTR)
PHYS 101: Introduction to Mechanics Math and Natural Sciences General Education (MNTR)
MA 121: Introduction to Statistics

STAT 2001: Statistics OR

STAT 2002: Business Statistics

MA 005: Calculus I Math and Natural Sciences General Education (MNTR)
BUS 210: Corporate Communication Communications General Education (COTR)
POLSC 221: Introduction to Comparative Politics Social and Behavioral Sciences General Education (SBTR)
BUSI 103: Introduction to Financial Accounting ACCT 1004: Fundamentals of Accounting
BUS 205: Business Law BUSI 2001: Business Law
BUS 208: Principles of Management BUSI 1002: Introduction to Management