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Develop a Prior Learning Portfolio: Undergraduate: Portfolio Resources

Portfolio Resources

The Office of Degree Acceleration will enroll students interested in completing a prior learning portfolio into a short non-credit module. Students can work through the module at their own pace and will have access to an Office of Degree Acceleration staff member for assistance and questions. This module is designed to guide students step by step through the narrative, resume, and collection of evidence essential for a successful portfolio. Students will also have an opportunity to submit a draft to the Office of Degree Acceleration to have a preliminary review done before they officially submit the portfolio for scoring. 

Portfolio Builder

The Office of Degree Acceleration requires students to submit the prior learning portfolio to the SkillsFirst ePortfolio Builder. This resource is offered on the Career Planning and Development website.  Please ensure that all resources at the following link are used for proper submission:

Resume Resources

An up-to-date and accurate resume is a critical component of the Prior Learning Portfolio. A polished resume paints a detailed picture of professional history, providing context and detail for the portfolio narrative. It is essential that your resume reflects a student's volunteer and work history. The resume must be well-written to serve as an effective component for your portfolio. Students are encouraged to meet with a Career Advisor to update their resume or use SkillsFirst for resume enhancing resources.

Narrative Resources

The narrative essay represents a significant portion of your Prior Learning Portfolio. In the narrative, students have an opportunity to explain how specific experiences resulted in college-level learning. While some students may learn how to manage people by studying management theory in college, you may have learned by actually managing teams. In the narrative, students explain how prior experiential learning satisfies the outcomes of college-level courses.