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Academic Partnerships: Baldrige Examiner Case Studies Portfolio

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Examiners who successfully complete the Baldrige Examiner Training can submit their certificate of completion to the Admissions Office and leverage the knowledge and skills they have developed as Baldrige Examiners for the opportunity to complete one or more Baldrige Foundation Case Studies Portfolios. Examiners can earn up to 3 credits in the Doctor of Business Administration program and up to 20 credits in the Doctor of Healthcare Administration, Doctor of Public Health, or PhD in Health Services programs through successful completion of the case study portfolios. To be eligible to complete one or more of the case study portfolios, examiners must first enroll in and be admitted to one of the programs listed above. Below are tables that display the case studies and the courses that align with each case study.

Cost per Case Study: $250 vs. Approximate Cost of DBA Course: $2,900

Case Study DBA Course Equivalent (3 credits each)
Harvard: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson DDBA 8161: Business Strategy and Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Cost per Case Study: $250 vs. Approximate Cost of DHA/DrPH/PhD Course: $2,900

Case Study DHA/DrPH/PhD Course Equivalent (5 credits each)
DaVita: A Community First, A Company Second DDHA 8400: Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Healthcare Administrators
Integrating Private-Practice and Hospital-Based Breast Services at Baystate Health DDHA 8450: Project and Resource Management in Health Services Organizations
Kaiser Permanente: Innovating to Transform Healthcare DDHA 8500: Health Leadership and Systems Thinking
Tenet Healthcare DDHA 8750: Trends and Issues in Executive-Level Management for Healthcare Administrators

Step 1:

Students interested in assessing one or more of the above case studies will contact the Office of Degree Acceleration at  Once cleared to begin the case study portfolio process, students will receive the appropriate case study, rubric, portfolio template, and be assigned a faculty mentor to help guide them through the case study assessment process.  After a faculty mentor is assigned, the student will have up to 8 weeks to complete the selected case study portfolio and submit for review.

Step 2:

Students will upload all required elements (completed case study portfolio and rubric) into the Portfolio tool in OptimalResume found on the Career Planning and Development website.

Step 3:

Students will make payment and submit their case study portfolio using the Portfolio Payment and Submission Forms page of the Office of Degree Acceleration website.  Once representatives in the Office of Degree Acceleration receive the submitted portfolio and confirm payment, they will submit the portfolio to the assigned faculty mentor for review.  Assessors have 14 days to review and provide recommendation for credit.  Only one submission is allowed per course.

For more information about the Walden University and The Foundation for Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award partnership, please visit