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Develop a Prior Learning Portfolio: Portfolio Payment & Submission Forms

Portfolio Cost Information

Types of Portfolio Costs

Each level and type of portfolio has different costs associated with it and are outlined below.  Students are required to make a payment for each portfolio submission at the provided link prior to submission.  Students will then provide a confirmation number in the portfolio submission form.

Undergraduate Portfolio Costs

Portfolio: $150

  • The cost of WLDN 2050: Developing a Prior Learning Portfolio is $500.00 and will be billed directly to the student's tuition bill.  The student’s first portfolio submission is waived if the student elects and successfully completes the WLDN 2050 course. Each additional portfolio submission is $150.00

Graduate Portfolio Costs

BSIT-MSIT/MISM Bridge Portfolio (ITEC 6115): $200

Academic Partnership Portfolio Costs

Baldrige Examiners Case Study Portfolio: $250 (per case study assessment; maximum of 5 case studies)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police: $250 (per portfolio; maximum of 2 portfolios)

Portfolio Submission and Payment Forms

All portfolios must be submitted through the Center for Degree Acceleration electronic portfolio submission process.  Students must complete all three steps below in the order outlined.