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Develop a Prior Learning Portfolio: BSIT to MSIT/MISM Bridge Portfolio

BSIT to MSIT/MISM Bridge Portfolio Requirements

Students who complete the following undergraduate courses in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program at Walden with a B or better in both courses will be eligible to develop a portfolio to earn credit for the corresponding master's level course.  In this specialized portfolio, students build on the coursework they created in their undergraduate program by leveraging their professional experience and adding/demonstrating master’s level elements that meet the remaining course outcomes in the equivalent master’s level course. This portfolio based credit is applied only upon acceptance and enrollment into Walden’s Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT), Masters in Information Systems Management (MISM), or Graduate Certificate in Information Systems.

Cost of Portfolio: $200 vs. Approximate Cost of Equivalent Master's Course: $2500

Undergraduate Courses Master's Equivalent Course

ITEC 1020: Networking Fundamentals

ITEC 2030: Operating Systems Fundamentals and Administration

ITEC 6115 / NSEI 6115E: Computer Networking and Operating Systems

*These undergraduate courses may also be required in other programs in addition to the BSIT.

Step 1:

Students interested in pursuing this option will contact the Office of Degree Acceleration at  Once cleared to begin the portfolio process, students will receive the rubric and be assigned a faculty mentor to help guide them through the portfolio creation process.

Step 2:

Students will upload all required elements into the Portfolio tool in Optimal Resume found on the Career Planning and Development website.

Step 3:

Students will make payment and submit their portfolio using the Portfolio Payment and Submission Forms page of the Office of Degree Acceleration website.  Once representatives in the Office of Degree Acceleration receive the submitted portfolio and confirm payment, they will submit the portfolio to the assigned faculty mentor for review.  Mentors have 14 days to review and provide a recommendation for credit.  Only one submission is allowed.